Wortley Hall Walled Garden is an organically certified kitchen garden near Sheffield, South Yorkshire, this is the story of how we started the garden.

March 2004: Whole garden grassed over for many years. Japanese knotweed infestation all along the border by the far wall.
April 2004: Starting the work. Steve measuring up as part of initial site survey.
General view of south east part of the garden. Stable block in background, also in need of restoration.
Some of the walls would have had grape vines and peaches trained against them under glass. Here you can see the flues through which heat from fireplaces at the back of the wall would have flowed to protect tender shoots and blossoms. Many derelict areas of the wall were under occupation by nesting jackdaws!
The only living legacy of the garden as we we found it was this avenue of old pear trees, many of which were choked with ivy, unpruned and suffering from fungal infection. To the left is the chimney, which would have been part of the coal fired heating system for the greenhouses that were once along the wall in view.