We use the site for a range of courses and workshops, including Organic Farm School classes that we hold in partnership with the Soil Association. Details are posted on the homepage under Events.

We have volunteering opportunities on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10.30 - 16.00. Join our team of volunteers, learning best organic practice, to develop your skills and knowledge, or just to enjoy a satisfying day's activity in beautiful surroundings. Please phone or email to find out more details.

Regular volunteer Pete being presented with his Local Food Hero 2012 certificate. Pete is not just a hard working gardener - he cooks us lunch sometimes too.
Piling up leaves collected from the grounds around Wortley Hall. Composted for two years, the leaf mould created can be used a basis for propagation and growing media.
Planting out bare-root transplants of broccoli, with savoy cabbages as an intercrop to fill the gaps while the broccolis get established.
Using a precision seeder to sow tares for an overwintering cover crop.
Some volunteers have helped us with crucial wall repairs.
Volunteers weeding parsnip bed in the orchard.
Learning about seed saving techniques. Extracting cucumber seed for cleaning
Volunteers running our stall at the Specialist Plant Fair in the grounds of Wortley Hall.
Harvesting strawberries in late May. Volunteers get the chance to try the first fruits!