The Wortley area is an excellent place to visit to see wildlife. There are lots of public footpaths, and the Trans Pennine Trail passes nearby, which is also good for cyclists.

We're usually too busy with our noses to the ground, but below are a few nice photos of some of the wildlife in the garden. We have stoats, weasels, kestrels and buzzards in the area, but hard to photograph so far.

Mother duck appreciates our less tidy areas of the garden so she can keep eggs/young safely hidden.
The large pond in the grounds of Wortley Hall is next to the walled garden, so we often come across newts, especially in the orchard.
Moles appreciate our worm-rich soil - unfortunately, as they cause a lot of damage to establishing crops by disturbing the root systems.
Baby grassnake, discovered while we were repairing the wall at the north west end of the garden.This one was looking for a suitable spot to get through its first hibernation.
This little chap got inside my Land Rover...A young warbler?